Exfoliation is great for health and not just for your skin

We emphasize regularly shedding old dead cells from skin surface as an important aspect of your face care routine. Clearing out the old is the necessary precursor to letting new cells grow. Now, there are more researches indicating that regular purging of dead cells from your body could have a much larger overall health impact.

Cell Division


Mayo Clinic researchers have found that a buildup of dead cells (cells that have stopped dividing, also called senescent) can negatively impact health, and even shorten the lifespan of healthy mice by as much as 35 percent. Therefore, clearing out these “zombie” cells is beneficial because it delays tumor formation, preserves organ and tissue function, and extends lifespan while keeping the organism healthier.

The immune system is supposed to clear out these dead cells naturally and on a regular basis. Unfortunately, this process becomes less effective as time passes, and makes the organism vulnerable to the senescent cells. These senescent cells can unleash a torrent of problems that damage adjacent cells and cause chronic inflammation, a common theme among age-related diseases.

The Mayo Clinic researchers are developing methods to clean up these senescent cells which would be useful for fighting against age-related diseases or conditions. Looks like more medical breakthroughs are just around the corner; we just have to find ways to maintain good health for 30 more years (then we can live forever? Haha).

Our skin is unique because it’s the one major organ which we can access directly. As we age, our natural ability to regularly shed the outermost skin layer diminishes, which results in dull, dried out complexion. Regular exfoliation is key, so use alphahydroxy-acids (ingredients in WASH) daily. They’re like prune juice for your skin.