Do not make this mistake when eating yogurt

Yogurt is one of the healthiest snacks available, but you might be making a common mistake that turns a healthy snack into a sugar-laden junk food.


Healthy yogurt


French researchers from AgroParisTech invited 199 volunteers and gave each person a small serving of plain yogurt (4.4 ounces). They were allowed to sweeten the yogurt with a usual assortment of sweeteners: table sugar, honey, or jam. After finishing yogurt, the participants were asked to report how much sweetener they believed they added to their plain yogurt.

Overall, participants grossly underestimated how much sweetener they added on their yogurt. Researchers found the participants served themselves nearly twice as much sugar toppings as they thought they did, mounting up to an average of 13.6 grams of sugar.

The lesson here is simple: if you're not precisely measuring your food intake the chances are that you're eating more than you think. And that when you do eat something healthy, you could very well be using that occasion as an excuse to add unhealthy indulgence. When you take something healthy and add junk, the result is still junk food.

If you eat plain yogurt (and you should) but find the sour taste unpalatable, then we recommend just a small drizzle of Manuka honey, slices of banana or whole berries. Healthy granola with low added sugar and high fiber is also a good topping choice that would keep you full.