Fight forgetfulness

Have you noticed that you're increasingly becoming forgetful?  Yes, it is frustrating. However, there are things you can do to help keep your memory in tip-top shape.


Get organized

Follow simple routines, such as leaving your car keys, glasses, and cell phone in the same place every day so that finding them becomes a “no-brainer.”
Cut down on distractions


Kill distractions

Avoid distracting or noisy environments and multi-tasking, which are major memory busters in today’s modern fast-paced society.  Multi-tasking is terrible for you, and that's a whole series of topic just on that.

Slow down

Take a pause here and there throughout the day.  Look away from monitors and cellphones.  Take deep, slow breaths to let your mind and body relax.  Slow down and take a note of your day give your brain’s memory systems enough time to create an enduring memory.

Let your body and brain recover

Get sleep and reduce stress.  OK, easier said than done.  We will have many discussions on these topics later.  But it all starts with the recognition that if you're not serious about recovery and maintenance, then you will also never function at the peak performance level.