3 Easy Steps to Reducing Razor Burn and Achieving Barbershop-Quality Shave at Home

We all know that  taking a steel blade to your face and scraping away hair is less than ideal, but we do it anyway.

Razor burn sucks; there’s no getting around it. The red bumps, the skin discomfort, and the lack of easy remedies make it extra tough to beat.

40% of men say sensitive skin is a problem, so you're hardly alone.

There is good news though: There are easy ways to improve your shaving experience and achieve a barbershop-quality shave, even with very sensitive skin. We show you below: 

  1. why shaving irritation happens
  2. what makes for great shaving
  3. what you can do to achieve easy, trouble-free shave each morning.
Smooth Shave

Why Shaving Irritation Happens

Your Hardware - Razors

Even the laziest guy knows the basic necessities for a passable shave: a razor, drugstore shaving foam, and an aftershave.
These tools might seem adequate, but there are a few hidden pitfalls to sticking to the bare minimum when it comes to shaving.
How many blades are enough?


First, you should make sure you have the right kind of razor. Mega brands have been adding more and more blades to razors to convince you of improved performance.

But you only really need two blades: a blunt blade that lifts up the hair follicle, and a sharp blade to slice the hair.

This two-blade setup can give you the same below-the-skin cutting, without added aggravation from four, five or even six blade razors.

More blades mean more friction, which could lead to more irritation. So don't bother with latest fancy schmancy razors unless you notice the improvement.

The rule is simple: if you're experiencing irritation then use razors with fewer blades.


Your Software - Soapy Foam and Neon Goop

Most Drugstore shaving foams and gels are actually your face's mortal enemy.
It's simple:  they dry out your skin
And this disrupts your shaving performance for a couple reasons.

Same ol' soapy foam


First, the more flexible the surface of your skin is, the easier it is for it to bounce back after a clean shave.

Skin flexibility is directly related to how moisturized your skin is- so, the drier your skin is, the more irritated it will be post-scraping a bunch of blades across it.

Second, that irritation leads to inflammation and those date-killing razor bumps we’re all trying to avoid.

If you’re getting regular irritation from your shaving routine, the most powerful switch you can make is to trade out your old tube of neon blue shave gel or soapy foam for something a little more comfortable for your face.



Engineering a Better Shave

Don’t worry, you don’t need to start borrowing your girlfriend’s pink products to find a more moisturizing shave; instead, give Mavericks SHAVE a try. It's world's first premium 3-in-1 moisturizer + shave cream + aftershave, and it may just be the upgrade you have been needing.
Mavericks SHAVE

Get Primed

Dry skin has rough surface, and rougher the surface the more chances a razor would catch and nick the skin.

On the other hand, facial stubble is notoriously hard and tough to remove smoothly, and irritation occurs when the blade pulls on hairs.

Mavericks SHAVE pre-empts these problems by instantly penetrating and moisturizing skin and stubble to prime your face.

Moisturized skin plumps up and becomes smoother while softened stubble puts up less resistance against the razor to enable a close, comfortable shave in one pass


Get Slick

Those who have tried SHAVE always comment on its uncanny thick texture.

SHAVE's super concentrated formula transforms to ultra-slick barrier when activated with water to enable optimum razor glide.

Remember that shaving causes friction against the skin, and friction causes irritation. Hence your goal: Minimize the friction.

As you shave, excess cream and discarded hair gunk up the razor, which hinders the smooth glide of the razor and can cause a rash.

Because only a tiny amount of SHAVE is needed, there is less to gunk up your razor and less irritation that can cause.


Get Fresh

After every shave there are countless micro-nicks on your skin.

Our proprietary botanical blend (featuring organic peppermint oil) is expertly balanced to cool inflammation, sanitize nicks and restore moisture content with strong minty finish to maximize post-shave comfort.

SHAVE is so gentle you don't even need to rinse off - you can just massage in excess into your face for extra hydration.

Don't try that with your foam or neon goop - which would only clog pores and cause ingrown hairs.

Now, your skin is soft enough to give all the babies' butts a run for their money! 


Embrace the Right Regimen

The perfect shave starts with washing your face with warm water. The longer you can steam or wet your face, the better, so it’s smart to do it after a shower.

This softens your facial hair, and lubricates your skin to help with your razor. Next, take a peanut-sized squirt of Mavericks SHAVE.

The cream won’t create a stinging foam like your old gel when it lathers; instead, it creates a fresh, lubricating balm that gives a cool, gliding shave experience.

Using a relatively new razor (you should replace your blades every 5-6 uses to keep that top blade sharp), shave carefully with the grain of your hair, changing directions when necessary- it’s normal, we promise.

Post-shave, rinse your face with bracing cold water. This help close up any open pores and follicles, and eliminates opportunities for infection, naturally.

Mavericks SHAVE leaves a moisturized, clean sensation that doesn’t require an aftershave, but if you’re old school with your shave game, go ahead and splash a little on your skin. Be sure not to use too much, since aftershave can be drying.

If you’re a morning shave kind of guy, end your routine with Mavericks PROTECT, a formula that keeps skin looking good throughout the day and prevents sun damage.

Is night shaving your thing? Fair play- we recommend winding down your shave with Mavericks REBUILD, a skin-building serum that keeps your face looking clean, and gets rid of dullness.

The last step? Feel that smooth skin. You’ve done yourself, and your face, good today.