1. Identify the essentials

2. Eliminate the rest

Every good business starts with a clear problem to solve. Our journey was sparked when a friend, a real-life rocket scientist (a PhD in aerospace engineering from MIT), came to our weekly happy hour in exasperation: "I just turned 30, so I figured I should start using face care products, and I was totally overwhelmed by all the stuff they had for sale. So many different things at all different prices. I couldn't figure out what's best. Why is this so confusing?"

Something is seriously wrong when a NASA researcher complains of overcomplication.

Our faces are the most visible part of our identities (That's why Facebook is called, well, Facebook), and the benefits from making a great first impression are undeniable. Yet face care is made artificially complicated by a bewildering array of products, all too often promising some magic of "turning back the clock" or "restoring youth," claims so unrealistic that they border on insult to our sensibility.

You want a simple, effective solution, but the industry would rather inundate you with products and lure you into buying them all.

The medical science is straightforward: limit sun damage; keep skin clean without overdrying; and administer topical supplements that help retain moisture, fight free-radicals, and promote regular cellular turnover. There are only a handful of ingredients that have been proven effective through decades of clinical research, and these have formed the basis of our skin care formula.

We started Mavericks to bring you a better solution that will leave you confident and looking good without taking up much of your time and money.


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