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Power Scrub For Your Mug


Thorough yet gentle. You can have both with this enhanced face scrub.

Formulated with pulverized bamboo extract, BUFF smoothes and deep cleanses your face without harsh abrasives or plastic microbeads.

2.8 FL OZ

How it works

Clear Out Congested Skin. Healthy skin naturally renews itself every 30 days. But when the outermost layer doesn't shed well, the whole regeneration cycle gets impeded, and dead skin cells pile up and clog pores giving your skin a dull and tired look.

Good scrubbing clears out congested skin to bring forth healthier younger layer of cells to skin surface.

Gentle Enough to Use Everyday.  Pulverized bamboo is a superior exfoliating agent because even vigorous scrubbing does no harm to your skin - unlike harsh abrasives common in other scrubs.

Younger customers (under 30) with oilier skin can use BUFF everyday.  Otherwise, we recommend three times a week or every other day.

Put On A Fresh Coat of Nutrients.  BUFF is packed with nutrient-rich botanical cocktail of amaranth, willow bark, bisabolol, licorice and grapefruit to nourish your exposed skin. It's the world's healthiest face scrub.



“I don’t have bad skin or any notable skin issues, but my skin feels great after spending some time doing the Mavericks routine."

“After a week of testing, the products feel very lightweight on the skin (no gooeyness). And I had my regimen locked in by day three. All in all: a no-brainer."

“But after a week, my face remains acne-free. I’ve also had several friends, who had no idea what I was up to, compliment my skin with a straight face on looking fresh and glowing. (Yes, seriously.)"

“With a science-backed approach to demystify skin care, this company has sought out to bring customers the best skincare products without all the added to-do."


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