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  • SHAVE: A breakthrough 3-in-1 moisturizer, shave cream and aftershave.
  • FACE KIT NANO: 20-day version of our highly acclaimed FACE KIT.
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We'll Let Others Do The Talking

"Mavericks makes it easy to wake up looking your best."

"After testing Mavericks for a month, my skin felt softer and looked smoother."

"This team of MIT engineers is out to make skincare simple."

“But after a week, my face remains acne-free. I’ve also had several friends, who had no idea what I was up to, compliment my skin with a straight face on looking fresh and glowing. (Yes, seriously.)"

“After a week of testing, the products feel very lightweight on the skin (no gooeyness). And I had my regimen locked in by day three. All in all: a no-brainer."

“I don’t have bad skin or any notable skin issues, but my skin feels great after spending some time doing the Mavericks routine."

“A science-backed approach to demystify skin care."

Born at MIT. Developed in Silicon Valley.

  1. MAVERICKS was born at MIT where our founding team met.
  2. We are now headquartered in SF, in the heart of Silicon Valley.
  3. Our products are meticulously manufactured right here in the USA .
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SHAVE: A Shaving Trifecta

  • Intensive Moisturizer
  • Transforms into Shave Cream with Water
  • Replaces Your Aftershave

"I used to use preshave oil, shaving soap followed by aftershave. With Mavericks SHAVE I just get the job done in one step and my skin actually feels better."

-Customer Joshua B.


Just 1 minute a day is all you need with this breathtakingly simple regimen.
  1. In the morning, rinse face with warm water, pat dry then apply PROTECT
  2. At night, WASH away the day’s build-up and pat face dry.
  3. Immediately apply REBUILD to supercharge your overnight recovery.


Quality without compromise

We did away with things you don’t approve of. No synthetic dyes or fragrances. Free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates and microbeads. Never tested on our animal friends.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed

If you don’t love your Mavericks purchase, simply return within 30 days for a full refund.

Reach us at -- real people right here in USA read every email and will make things right for you.